PHP and My SQL Web Development by PHP Outsourcing development and SEO Company


PHP and My SQL Web Development by PHP Outsourcing development and SEO Company


As there are a many drinkng venues and blogs which are presented with the current economic days, anybody is found on the web, in the business enterprise aspect it’s different to one another. For business purposes web sites can be designed and constructed by considering all of the aspects along with of the organization. The website has to be unique, search results friendly and user-friendly. Then merely a great deal of traffic might be attracted towards a web site. The website of an business must have an effective and error free database. The requirement of web database development enters use to keep up an appropriate and informative website with periodical updates to enable the visitors using the latest information.


PHP is a server side language which suggests that the script is run with a server instead of about the user’s browser. This eliminates all compatibility issues. Using PHP makes it possible to add various interactive features such as feedback forms, forums, guest books, counters etc. It also enables the developers to use sophisticated features such as CMS or Content Management System, portal systems and advertising managers, for example. PHP provides a professional touch with a website.

GoalWhat could be the purpose to have your web site? Websites could be either informational or e-commerce sites. Informational sites are acknowledged to generate income through advertising, selling in the dust end, commissions, etc. But, the e-commerce sites are known to make their income by selling offerings.



The next phase is planning. It’s a good idea to get started on through the point of the website map – that will list each of the main topics of your website, set your navigation system in position, and clarifies what content your website will need to have. At this point in Web Development you also have to take into account e-commerce, regardless if you are planning to use flash or otherwise not, how you intend to take orders and liaise using your clients, particularly if you plan to do so on the net, and never personally.




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Systems Databases Networks


I have worked on a few different networks in my career. When I was thinking about the two most important requirements for these networks I would have to say, broadly, that the hardware and the software are the two most important requirements. The text goes over some hardware requirements and critical thinking questions like integration and testing and things such as this, but overall the hardware such as servers, computers, switches, and Cat6 cable are very important in the implementation of a network .

Servers, or the hardware that goes into developing the server, is pivotal because the faster the processors and the more load that the servers can bear is essential for a smooth-running system and to avoid bottlenecks. Even Cat6 cable is Light Years better than Cat5 cable because of the increased rate of data transfer. We can even go into the software requirements for the system. Some use Linux based Apache servers some use Windows base servers. I’ve had the chance to use both. With Apache servers integration and implementation is very easy. With Windows Server there’s a huge learning curve and a lot of system requirements that require you to integrate other software to utilize different systems. So I would say overall the hardware and software are the two most important requirements for a computer network

Tto determine the system requirements for a database system you have to know or understand what your database system is going to be doing. Is it going to be retrieving large amounts of data constantly day in and day out or is it maybe just serving documents as they’re needed. One good example is a PHP my admin database serving information for a WordPress website installation. Not a lot of information or data needs to be stored in the database thus the requirements are very low. The required hardware for the server is minimal. The database or the software to handle MySQL commands within the PHP my admin interface is all that is required for this type of platform. The database server does not need to be very robust because it’s not pulling and pushing data constantly day in and day out so the hardware can be minimal. The software is enterprise level software, PHP my admin that is, and can be utilized on just about any platform so in this circumstance the overall system requirements also are minimal. Although, the interface for the MySQL Handler doesn’t need to be that integrated either. What I mean by that is the database can be non-local and handle several different applications at once.



e - book

1.Introduce the discussion with an overview of the progress you have made in the course.

Technical and professional writing is a very difficult subject when you get into the particulars of it. Because I had to do research online and research within my e-book I have really learned a beneficial skill of evaluation and research. Having to dig through information and analyze it and decide what was relevant and what was pertinent to the subject matter was really helpful. It showed me how to analyze information and put it into written form correctly and to convey my ideas in a way that was not only formal but realistic.

  1. Evaluate every assignment you posted and be honest and analytical in examining the strengths and weaknesses in your writing

The initial discussion board showed I really didn’t have a strong writing ability. It really didn’t flow very well and wasn’t entirely clear. As I worked through my different assignments I could clearly see the improvement in my writing. I honestly could see the font, spacing and the grammar actually a little better every time. Almost every aspect of my writing improved as I went through my different assignments. From the initial discussion board and then the proposal and the flyer I could see a clear differentiation between not only the writing style but the formatting of the written page itself. By the time I got to the progress report I was really on my way. The font was perfect the prose were clean, crisp and clear. My spacing was perfect and the grammar just shined. I can also see a reflection in the grades. I honestly see a correlation between the improvement in my writing and the grades that I was getting. I believe it was at the brief message and proposal writing I saw the most improvement and that’s when when I got my first one hundred percent. Going back through my assignments was a very beneficial task. I not only saw the progression in my thinking and grammar but I saw the progression in my overall performance. This class definitely help me to improve my writing not only grammatically but structurally.

  1. Address the most important professional writing skills you would like to improve on and discuss possible strategies to affect these ends.

I think that the most important aspect in my professional writing that I would like to improve on is the actual content. I think that grammar, spelling and things of this nature are easy to check and are easy to correct, especially with the software we have. My problem is coming up with pertinent content. Researching is hard. Reading other people’s work and putting it into your own words is very difficult especially for me. So understanding the content that I’m studying and then conveying it into my own words or conveying it into an appropriate manner is probably the hardest thing for me. So in order for me to improve writing better content I probably should study great content writers. Doing research on other people’s content especially when those people are adept at writing good content is probably a very effective way to increase my skills. And then of course practicing the actual writing. Practice makes perfect as they say. This is a cliché but it absolutely true. I think studying good content and practicing writing good content would be the best way to improve this skill.

  1. Close with a discussion on how the course has helped shape your academic and professional future.

I currently work as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Writing effective papers and writing good content is very necessary in my trade. On the internet you’ll find great written discussions and written papers all over the web. Writings that are engaging and stimulating and beautifully written. This class has actually helped shape me into a better writer. I’ve actually written content for websites using the skills that I have learned in this class. For my career, this was a very beneficial class for me to take especially at this point in my journey. I used to think I was a great writer, this class made me realize that I have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. So I’m going to hash it out become a better writer and use the skills and use the knowledge that I have gained from this class in my work.

Design and Music




Music and design are intrinsically linked. You can't have music without design. This is just an opinion but I believe that this opinion is very well-established. Music is composed and created within the human mind. This process must undergo a construction if you will. This construction can also be called design. I really love the Aesthetics of the actual components that deliver us sound. For instance the site music and design has beautifully displayed how audio systems can be created using elegant designs. This is just an example of the crossroads between music and Design. I guess I can stop saying design and start saying art. Artistic expression coming through has Sound of Music. And this composition that is constructed is a beautiful combination of Designing something elegant and expressing something profound. I think that many would agree that the composition of music is absolutely a design process. How beautiful the soundtrack from Frozen and how elegant in Poetic the words in the sounds and the creative Insight that must have went into composing these songs. The grandest designers throughout history or musicians. Mozart Beethoven list wonderful composers wonderful designers insightful creators and profound Constructors. So where am I going with all of this. This is just another take another stance on design and on the experiences that we create through the creative process that produces Beauty and harmony. I guess you can say that I am a lover of all things artistic and all things that the human has designed. The beautiful construction of the world around us needs to be expressed and worshipped and viewed and understood for what it truly is. This I know is a philosophical bent. These are expressions from the mind of the creator. We all are creators and we all are Grand designers. Let's express ourselves with the beauty of creation and the beauty of Harmony and music and construction and growth and death and love and truth and all of the things that The Grand Design has purposed for us. A quote from a dear friend of mine teddy at a web design company in Las vegas  "life is symphony, create a masterpiece".