Design and Music




Music and design are intrinsically linked. You can't have music without design. This is just an opinion but I believe that this opinion is very well-established. Music is composed and created within the human mind. This process must undergo a construction if you will. This construction can also be called design. I really love the Aesthetics of the actual components that deliver us sound. For instance the site music and design has beautifully displayed how audio systems can be created using elegant designs. This is just an example of the crossroads between music and Design. I guess I can stop saying design and start saying art. Artistic expression coming through has Sound of Music. And this composition that is constructed is a beautiful combination of Designing something elegant and expressing something profound. I think that many would agree that the composition of music is absolutely a design process. How beautiful the soundtrack from Frozen and how elegant in Poetic the words in the sounds and the creative Insight that must have went into composing these songs. The grandest designers throughout history or musicians. Mozart Beethoven list wonderful composers wonderful designers insightful creators and profound Constructors. So where am I going with all of this. This is just another take another stance on design and on the experiences that we create through the creative process that produces Beauty and harmony. I guess you can say that I am a lover of all things artistic and all things that the human has designed. The beautiful construction of the world around us needs to be expressed and worshipped and viewed and understood for what it truly is. This I know is a philosophical bent. These are expressions from the mind of the creator. We all are creators and we all are Grand designers. Let's express ourselves with the beauty of creation and the beauty of Harmony and music and construction and growth and death and love and truth and all of the things that The Grand Design has purposed for us. A quote from a dear friend of mine teddy at a web design company in Las vegasĀ  "life is symphony, create a masterpiece".


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