This is not a typical design site. This site is going to be dedicated to all things that can be considered design. It doesn't matter if it's body art tattoos graffiti futuristic design. It doesn't matter what kind of design or talking about. Stupid sketch defecation on the sidewalk invoking some poetic design pattern from days past or future is not here yet.

Who is to say what design really is. Design is mathematics design is beautifully constructed algorithms mapping out illustrious patterns across the night sky. What is all of this what really is this life how can we even imagine the great designer the great composer of humanity and the universe. The Inception of human thought encompassed design and unique design patterns. The way a dendritic sheath surrounds the synaptic connections.

The way the synapse are patterned throughout the cerebral cortex. These are the original designs these are the birthing places of creative thought. Nature evolution whatever you want to call the great designer it all encompasses a human characteristic that was born within the minds of men. So what do we do we worship we care for we love the great designer whoever that may be. This site is to be dedicated to the great design to the great Humanity to this great universe and anyone that wants to post a comment or give a suggestion feel free.

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