Month: September 2016

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I have worked on a few different networks in my career. When I was thinking about the two most important requirements for these networks I would have to say, broadly, that the hardware and the software are the two most important requirements. The text goes over some hardware requirements and critical thinking questions like integration and testing and things such as this, but overall the hardware such as servers, computers, switches, and Cat6 cable are very important in the implementation of a network .

Servers, or the hardware that goes into developing the server, is pivotal because the faster the processors and the more load that the servers can bear is essential for a smooth-running system and to avoid bottlenecks. Even Cat6 cable is Light Years better than Cat5 cable because of the increased rate of data transfer. We can even go into the software requirements for the system. Some use Linux based Apache servers some use Windows base servers. I’ve had the chance to use both. With Apache servers integration and implementation is very easy. With Windows Server there’s a huge learning curve and a lot of system requirements that require you to integrate other software to utilize different systems. So I would say overall the hardware and software are the two most important requirements for a computer network

Tto determine the system requirements for a database system you have to know or understand what your database system is going to be doing. Is it going to be retrieving large amounts of data constantly day in and day out or is it maybe just serving documents as they’re needed. One good example is a PHP my admin database serving information for a WordPress website installation. Not a lot of information or data needs to be stored in the database thus the requirements are very low. The required hardware for the server is minimal. The database or the software to handle MySQL commands within the PHP my admin interface is all that is required for this type of platform. The database server does not need to be very robust because it’s not pulling and pushing data constantly day in and day out so the hardware can be minimal. The software is enterprise level software, PHP my admin that is, and can be utilized on just about any platform so in this circumstance the overall system requirements also are minimal. Although, the interface for the MySQL Handler doesn’t need to be that integrated either. What I mean by that is the database can be non-local and handle several different applications at once.